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Hearing AIds Center Dallas and Frisco, Texas – What to Expect

The team of physicians and audiologists at The Hearing Center at Dallas Ear Institute will work with you to create a care plan to meet your individual hearing needs. The information below outlines the steps involved in the journey to better hearing.

  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation - A hearing evaluation, or hearing test, is the first step your professional will use as a part of your recommendation plan. It is an objective way to show which sounds you hear well, and also which sounds you might have a harder time hearing. The testing is performed in a sound booth to obtain an accurate and precise measurement of your hearing. There is no discomfort associated with the testing, though it does require you to respond to different types of sounds and speech. The audiologist or physician will review the results of the hearing test with you and determine if further medical intervention is warranted or if it is appropriate to proceed with a Hearing Device Consultation.
  • Hearing Device Consultation – During the consultation, the audiologist will ask you to describe your individual listening needs and concerns. He/She will then review the results of your hearing test with you and explain how your individual hearing loss is likely to affect speech understanding. If it is determined that you are a good candidate for a hearing device, the audiologist will work with you to select the style of device that is most appropriate for your hearing loss, listening needs and preferences. The costs related to the device(s) and follow-up care as well as expected coverage through your insurance (if applicable) will be outlined for you. If you choose to move forward with a hearing device(s), your audiologist will guide you in customizing a specific instrument and place an order with the hearing device manufacturer for your device. If necessary an earmold impression will be taken of your ear. Your fitting appointment will then be scheduled approximately 1-2 weeks after your consultation.
  • Hearing Device Fitting - At the fitting appointment, your audiologist will complete a series of tests and measurements to make sure your device is properly programmed and fits comfortably in your ear. Your audiologist will then work with you to customize the settings of the device for your individual listening needs and environments and counsel you regarding what to expect as you learn to hear again. Our staff will then teach you how to manage and care for your device and provide any necessary tools and accessories. Once you feel comfortable with your device, it will be time to send you out into the world to experience better hearing!
  • Initial Follow-Up – The initial follow-up will occur approximately 1-2 weeks after your fitting appointment. The audiologist will use this time to obtain feedback from you regarding your experiences thus far. If appropriate, adjustments will be made to the programming of your device to optimize your hearing in different listening environments. The audiologist will also review care instructions for the hearing instrument and address and questions or concerns you may have after wearing the device.
  • Routine Follow-Up Care – Routine follow-up appointments are generally scheduled every six months and an updated hearing evaluation is recommended once per year (patients with medical conditions causing fluctuations in their hearing loss will be tested more frequently). Patients needing medical care can be seen by the physician for treatment/follow-up on the same day they visit the audiologist for device follow-up. Follow-up appointments are important to ensure your device continues to function well and meet your listening needs. At the follow-up appointment, we will complete a thorough check and cleaning of your hearing instrument. The audiologist will then work with you to discuss any changes in your hearing or listening environments and make adjustments to your device and/or programming as needed.

Hearing loss can impact a person in a variety of ways. Two patients with similar hearing losses may have very different listening needs and/or concerns. A hearing device that works well for one patient, may not be suited for another individual’s hearing needs. Therefore it is important to partner with professionals who can guide you through the process to better hearing. The team at Dallas Ear Institute is committed to working with you to ensure that your hearing loss does not prevent you from fully experiencing life.

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