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Does stress cause ringing in my ears?

Posted by Dallas Ear September 15, 2017

Tinnitus is very often a symptom of hearing loss or other medical issue. However, the ringing, buzzing, whooshing, or roaring in the ears can be exacerbated or even triggered by stress. When the tinnitus then causes more stress, this creates a vicious cycle of ringing that causes anxiety that causes ringing!

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Top 10 Tips To Manage Hearing Loss As You Age

As we age, we all experience some kind and degree of hearing loss. A loss of hearing in the higher pitches may make it difficult to hear speech in a noisy restaurant or to pick-up a voice from across the room. A loss involving the outer or middle ear may leave things sounding muffled or muted. It’s important to find a trusted local team of hearing experts to help you understand the type of hearing loss you or a loved one is dealing with and to provide you with options for treatment.

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The Hearing Center at Dallas Ear Institute and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Announce Partnership

The Hearing Center at Dallas Ear Institute, North Texas’ top ear and hearing center, and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, a nationally recognized and acclaimed music institution, have announced a long term strategic partnership to educate their community about hearing loss and the joy of sound. This partnership will allow the two institutions to have a meaningful impact on their community by informing the public about the negative effects of hearing loss and the various advanced options for treatment so that all individuals can appreciate and enjoy the sound of beautiful music. The professionals at The Hearing Center at Dallas Ear Institute are the Official Hearing Experts of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

Tinnitus Sufferers and You

Ringing, roaring, hissing, or rushing sounds in your ears? Your friends don’t hear them? Don’t panic. This is typically not an indication of a serious medical condition. Tinnitus is defined as the perception of sound when no external noise is present. It may seem like this sound is coming from the ears or from the center of the head. If you experience tinnitus, you are certainly not alone.

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Noise Damage May Cause Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

We’ve all heard the warnings: Protect your ears! Turn that music down! Don’t throw that firecracker at your brother!

When it comes to protecting your hearing from damage from very loud noises like sirens, loud music, firearms, motorcycles, etc ... your mother was right. Exposing yourself to sounds at those intensities may cause permanent damage to your ears. This damage may manifest itself in high frequency hearing loss.

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