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Top 10 Tips To Manage Hearing Loss As You Age

Top 10 Tips To Manage Hearing Loss As You Age

As we age, we all experience some kind and degree of hearing loss. A loss of hearing in the higher pitches may make it difficult to hear speech in a noisy restaurant or to pick-up a voice from across the room. A loss involving the outer or middle ear may leave things sounding muffled or muted. It’s important to find a trusted local team of hearing experts to help you understand the type of hearing loss you or a loved one is dealing with and to provide you with options for treatment.

Want to manage your hearing loss as you age?
Here are the Top 10 Tips

    1. Have your hearing tested!  Even if you don’t need or are not yet ready to pursue treatment of hearing loss, it’s always a good idea to establish a baseline for your hearing.
    2. Protect your hearing when exposed to loud noise, a wide range of universal and custom earplugs are available for specific listening situations.
    3. Discuss any concerns you have related to your hearing with a qualified audiologist
    4. Pay attention to any changes you may notice in your environment.  Are you turning up the volume on your TV or Cell Phone? Struggling to hear others from across the room?  Voices of small children seem muffled?
    5. If you notice yourself withdrawing from situations you once enjoyed because it’s difficult to communicate, seek help.  Wearing a hearing device doesn’t mean you are getting old, it means you want to stay fully engaged and active!
    6. Don’t ignore other symptoms that may be related to your ears.  Do you ears “ring” or make “hissing” noises?  Do your ears feel full or plugged?  Both can be a sign of hearing loss or a more serious medical issue.
    7. The earlier the better.  Those who seek help with their hearing early are likely to quickly adapt to hearing devices and have better outcomes.  The longer you wait, the harder it is for your ear and your brain to make sense of “new” sounds.
    8. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a device online. Gathering information to become an informed consumer is great, but a hearing device should never be purchased online without first seeking the advice of a dedicated hearing professional.
    9. Be aware of other health conditions (diabetes) that may put you at a greater risk for hearing loss.
    10. Don’t make the mistake of thinking of hearing loss as a minor issue that you can simply deal with by turning up the volume or asking people to speak louder.  Untreated hearing loss has been linked to higher incidences of depression, cognitive impairment, and imbalance/falls.  Keeping your ears fully active can have a positive effect on your overall health.  

Hearing loss comes in all shapes and sizes. A hearing device that works great for one person may not be appropriate for another's hearing loss.  Patients are often flooded with mailers and flyers related to hearing loss that leave them confused.  Choosing a trusted team of professionals who will guide you through the process of identifying and understanding your hearing loss and walk you through the steps to improve your hearing in the situations that matter most is simply smart.

The Top 10 Tips to Managing Hearing Loss As You Age has been provided by The Hearing Center at Dallas Ear Institute.  If you’re in the Dallas Texas area and you’re looking for a hearing center that meets the qualifications of the Top 10 List, contact 972-566-7359 or thehearingcenter@dallasear.com.

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